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    Transformation of space - a promising new way of development of the furniture industry, attraction of innovative technologies helps to improve the furniture and substantially increase living space.


    The company "ADS Techno-house" is a manufacturer of motorized brackets and furniture projects. Developing mechanisms of transformation, we conduct research in the field of ergonomics and marketing to create popular products.



    Presence of own industrial base allows us to control all stages of production, which makes our product is absolutely reliable. And the presence of its own design department, allows you to create a versatile, easy to mount the product to meet the requirements of potential customers.

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    Look for an idea to optimize the living space? Look at some of the finished projects, realized with the use of our products…
    Motorizet breckets Transformation mechanisms


    You want to make a unique and modern furniture, but sometimes do not have enough space for all the ideas? Our motorized brackets help to realize your ideas…
    Motorizet furniture modules


    The design and manufacture of furniture, or create the interior design ? With our motorizet furniture modules, you can as a constructor to collect any unique project and to implement the boldest design fantasies.…



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     LLC  "ADS Technohouse", Kharkov, Ukraine.

    Telephone:  +38096 921 9885

    E-mail: adstechnohouse2015@gmail.com